We are particular about “colors”.
Using natural dye, our studio staffs dye and color fixing our products many times over to pursue colors that we really want to express.
There is no compromise to make our only one “color” in the world.

We decide theme color at each of our collections and exhibit it.
We also exhibit white that means the beginning of colors and black that means the end points of mixed colors.
Using our natural dyed textile, we make child cloths that express what we think of childness as.



草木染めで使う天然染料は、合成染料と比べると色合いは淡く、 変退色の面でも不安定です。一般的には渋い色味の優しい印象を 草木染めに持たれることが多いですが、自然から生み出す色が持つ独特の深みを最大限に引き出し、より魅力的な色を使ってデザインされた服に仕立てることが私たち草木染め工房の挑戦です。

Natural dyeing

Compared to synthetic dye, natural dye doesn’t have so much flash colors and is unstable in a discoloration aspect.
Generally, people tend to think natural dyeing have only pastel colors. But colors deriving from nature have distinctive depth from pastel to bright.Natural dyeing has infinite possibilities in that point.
We have been trying to bring out the charm of natural colors. Developing fascinating colors from nature is our big challenge.We would be grateful if we could share splendor of natural colors with you.


大量に生産と消費が繰り返される現代において、私たちがものづくりをする意味は何か。 オーガニックコットン生地や糸、天然素材の釦などの素材を選び、自社工房で丁寧に草木染めしたアイテムを生み出すことで持続可能なものづくりを実現し、暮らしに長く寄り添える商品を作っていきたいと考えています。

Organic cotton and Natural materials

We think that there is some doubt as to contemporary mass-production and mass-consumption cycle , growing up in an age of material abundance.In this circumstance, the reason why we make our own products is to become an opportunity to change towards sustainable society.
We have provided our products made from sustainable materials and dyed affectionately by using natural materials like leaves and flowers. We hope that our products can give consumers, as many people as possible, a chance to change their mind: not disposal but continue to use.



Organic cotton and Natural materials

YAROCCO では矢車附子という植物を使って『染め直しサービス』を行っております。経年変化による色褪せや、子ども達が元気に遊んでできた汚れを「黒」に染め直すことで、色褪せや汚れを目立たなくすることができます。私たちの服を着て育った子が親になり、自分の子にまた着せる。そんな世代を超えて受け継がれる服づくりを目指しています。

YAROCCO have Re-dyeing service.When our cloths lose their luster through aged deterioration or are stained by daily child’s play, we can have them refurbished, re-dyeing them by using a plant called YASHABUSHI.YASHABUSHI re-dyeing turn them into black color. Therefore, stains and dirty become inconspicuous to some extent.
When children who wear our cloths become a father or mother,they can give their favorite clothes to their child. We’d love to make cloths handed down from generation to generation.